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Jason McConnell I Fix & Flip Loans I Real Etsate Rehab I Renovate to Rent or Sell I Hard Money I TLA Bancorp

Fix & Flip

For the investor who wants to purchase and rehab an investment property to sell or rent. Easy qualifying and fast docs in 1-7 business days. Move fast and take advantage of every opportunity!

Jason McConnell I Foreign National SIVA I Passport Only I Foreign Bank Assets OK I TLA Bancorp

Foreign National SIVA

Most US lenders require a variety of documentation that foreign nationals can’t (or won’t) provide; Visa’s, SSNs, domestic & foreign credit reports, employment in the US, tax returns, domestic bank accounts, docmestic assets…the list is endless. Bring a Passport & Foreign Assets and SIVA is yours.

Jason McConnell I CA Stated INcome Stated Assets I SISA I SIVA I TLA Bancorp I Fast Closing I Doc in a Day

FEATURED: Southern California SISA

Stated Income Stated Assets (SISA) for Southern California. Doesn’t get any more Stated than this! Ask about SIVA and Hard Money in many States. Our California SISA Loans are the most simplistic guidelines you’ll find in the market today. We do not have any FICO, income, credit, or reserve requirements on this product nor require…
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Jason McConnell I Stated Home Equity Line of Credit I SIVA HELOC I Stated Income I Line of Credit I Hard Money I TLA Bancorp


Stated Income Verified Assets (SIVA) Home Equite Line of Creadit (HELOC) 1st & 2nd TDs. With a 4.28 Introductory Start Rate, this product is R.I.D.I.C.U.O.U.S! Having a 700 Mid Fico and Reserves will enhance access to equity FAR beyond any other alternative. No Appraisals up to $500K. O/O 70% LTV to $1M as a 1st…
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Jason McConnell I Hard Money I Rehab Properties I CA SISA I SIVA I REI Lending I Real Estate Lending I TLA Bancorp

Hard Money

Asset Based Lending for Residential and Commercial Properties. Serving all 50 States!

SIVA Elite

TLA Bancorp I Hard Money I Private Lending I SIVA I SISA I Jason McConnell


Stated Income Verified Assets Going beyond the Non-QM Income issues many face in today’s lending environment, SIVA allows those with Assets to aquire competitive rates starting @ 4.125. Having Assets and a 700+ with no income details should’t stop you from closing shouldn’t stop you from a No Ratio mortgage. From No Fico qualification to…
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